Shelby Naturals Facial Serum

$50 CAD

The Serum is a luxurious blend of 5 of the world's most active, organic and wildcrafted botanicals. This powerful, toxin-free concentration is packed with the finest phytonutrients, phytoceramides and antioxidants to rebuild, restore and protect your skin. This multi-tasking serum enhances skin elasticity and luminosity by strengthening collagen, addresses inflammation, rejuvenates, balances and revives skin for a glowing complexion. 

Formulated for all skin types. 

30 ml/1 fl. oz

+ *moroccan argan oil:  strong antioxidant, high in vitamins a + e + c, boosts cell + collagen production

+ *sweet orange:  high in limonene, myrcene and vitamin c, potent antioxidants. Anti-Inflammatory.

+ *bergamot:  reduces scars and all marks on the skin (dark + age spots)

+ *myrrh:  potent antioxidant 

+ *neroli:  revives skin at a cellular level and stimulates skin cell renewal. 

Gently apply 3 to 7 drops of the serum onto damp skin. Best used after a Toner for accelerated results. 

Where to Store: We recommend you store your Serum in a cool, dark place to protect the integrity and quality of the product, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy.

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