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How to Use The Sex Oil


This gently stimulating blend was crafted to heighten sensation on your most sacred parts.

Enjoy The Sex Oil for its yummy scent and ability to connect back to the physical body and relaxing the senses.

The physiological response most people will feel is tingles with slight warming (more noticeable on sensitive areas), all wrapped up in a delectable scent.

The Sex Oil includes essential oils such as black pepper which promotes circulation and blood flow, cinnamon to increase warmth, and peppermint to stimulate.

From an energetic lens, the ingredients in this blend activate the sacral chakra - our home base for sensuality, creativity and joy - while also elevating our overall vibrational frequency.

Elevated mind + body = sexier soul.


The Sex Oil is not intended to be used with latex. Oil-based products must be used with oil-safe products (like silicone), so keep this in mind around condoms, diaphragms and intimate toys.