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Shelby Naturals: Cleanser

$42.00 CAD

A cleanser that gently pulls bacteria, dirt and toxins deeply from the skin, while balancing your complexion. It infuses the skin with antioxidant protection and stimulates cell rejuvenation and collagen production. This cleanser performs like no other, leaving you with truly clean, hydrated, and glowing skin.

Formulated for all skin types.

60 ml/2.03 fl. oz

+ *camellia seed oil: strong antioxidant, collagen producer &

+ *golden jojoba oil: rich in vitamin e, anti-aging, anti-microbial,

+ *otto olive oil: strong antioxidant, high in vitamin e and polyphenols

+ *castor oil: stimulates collagen + elastin production, anti-microbial and

+ *lemon essential oil: high in d-limonene and vitamin c, potent antioxidants and collagen boosters

+ *sweet orange: high in limonene, myrcene and vitamin c, potent antioxidants. Anti-Inflammatory.

+ *white grapefruit: high in limonene, protective of cells + DNA. High in vitamin c, and has strong anti-bacterial properties

+ *peppermint essential oil: calms skin inflammation, renews the skin and encourages skin cell regeneration. A potent acne fighter. 

     *certified organic

Gently apply 3 to 7 drops of the serum onto damp skin. Best used after a Toner for accelerated results. 

Where to Store: We recommend you store your Serum in a cool, dark place to protect the integrity and quality of the product, ensuring maximum freshness and efficacy.